What do the faces of hope look like?

They look like those of the Booker family pictured above. When life
circumstances landed them homeless and living in a hotel, Channel One
Regional Food Bank was able to provide food for their family, offering
them hope during this challenging time. Mom Jennifer said, “At the
perfect time you guys were just there. You don’t even know how this
helps our family!”

Now living in their own home in Rochester, the Booker family has a great
story of hope to share about how your gift made a difference in their
lives. Please click here to read more about the Booker family’s journey.

Thank you for offering hope to thousands of our neighbors in
need! You are feeding people and changing lives just like the
Booker family’s, and we are looking forward to continuing to work
with you to offer hope to many others this holiday season and
throughout the New Year!

All of us at Channel One wish you a happy holiday season
and a New Year filled with hope and happiness



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