A Season of Gratitude

At Channel One, we see our partners making their blessings count every day. From countless volunteer hours to food and cash donations, our partners pass on their feelings of thanksgiving by putting them into motion and sharing their blessings, gifts and talents with Channel One. Because of your generous displays of gratitude, together, we are continuing to feed people and change lives in our communities every day. And for that, we and our clients are grateful. Gratitude is present in every client we serve by the look of thankfulness and relief on their faces when they find out that hunger is no longer knocking on their doors.

Let us share with you one story about the lives you are impacting by being a partner with Channel One:

Sara entered the food shelf with her usual smile and happy demeanor, but there was a sadness in her eyes. She explained that her 46-year-old daughter is very ill in hospice care and each and every day left with her is a blessing. She is Sara’s only child and the last remaining family she has. Sara thanked us because she said there was no way she would be able to help care for her daughter without the help of Channel One, and it was an enormous stress relief for her at this difficult time.

A small woman of 70, Sara’s smile and positive attitude is an inspiration to everyone she meets. Sara was raised in a military family and married into a military family, which resulted in her living at 66 different addresses in her lifetime. She stated that she had always considered herself to be in the middle to upper class with everything she needed, plus some. However, Sara said she is part of the “silent generation” and did not have the knowledge about retirement savings and accounts that we have today, which has left her short on funds in her older years. With a meager combined social security and retirement income of $650 per month. She lives without many of the luxuries that many of us are accustomed to, but is proud that she can make it work. Sara said that without the assistance of Channel One, she does not know how she would afford enough groceries. She said the relief of knowing she will have enough food to eat on her limited budget is wonderful, and she is so grateful that we are able to provide this service. Sara also stated that the assistance with food allows her to be able to afford other necessary items like clothing. Sara could not state enough how grateful she is for the food she receives from Channel One.

Allow your gratitude for what you have will overflow into the lives of others and make a big impact. Donate today

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